Monday, December 15, 2008

Ostrich Egg

This has nothing to do with me cooking, but it DOES have to do with food and it made Nicole laugh and call me a weirdo...soo...there ya go. Anyone else catch the episode (maybe the 2nd?) of Top Chef when that chick cracks open the ostrich egg? Little back story: raw eggs freak me out. I've taken way too many biology classes and I'm pretty sure that I'm in the process of getting salmonella (side-back-story: Nic's mom had two turtles named Sam and Ella!) every time a piece of that loogie of a raw egg touches me. The stuff is SICK. I wash my hands furiously immediately after handling eggs. I like eating eggs, but cracking them open grosses me out and is pure torture. SO, in that episode the chick cracks open this honeydew sized ostrich egg and it pours out into a huge bowl, with no warning. I almost threw up. Pretty sure I jumped off the couch screaming, gagging, and covering my eyes while running out of the room. Nic was quick to point out that actual childbirth doesn't even phase me (my mom taught childbirth classes, so it's old news to me), but my reaction to raw eggs is enough to get me thrown into a straight jacket. I'm not normal.


Erica said...

Too many biology classes and too much Salmonella, huh?!? Hmmm... I bet I have you beat in both! Haha!! But really, I know what you mean about those freakish Ostrich eggs, they freak me out too...unnaturally large, roughly the size of my head, at least!! They sell them out by the Wild Animal Park.

Summer said...

Oh no, you for SURE take the cake for bio and bacteria and stuff!!