Monday, December 15, 2008

Coconut Rice

Author's note: I don't have the actual recipe on me at this exact moment, but I'll add it soon. The rest includes some of the story from some of the other recipes. Copy and paste from my blog. Deal with it.

Not only did I make a main dish and two sides at the same time last night, but it turned out awesome!! I started with making the coconut rice. As soon as I dump all the stuff together in the pan, I notice little dark things popping up in the water. "oh CRAP, there's bugs in the rice (one of joys of living in the mountains: bugs everywhere)!! What the hell am I supposed to do with the uncooked rice!". To which Nicole responds with a shrug and "meh. Extra protein, who cares. They're tiny". Oh...umm...well, ok. "I guess if they can eat live spiders and pigs rectum on Fear Factor a couple of cooked rice bugs won't kill us". I scooped out pretty much all the ones I could see and continued on. A little gross, but then again, so are we.

I cooked the salmon with "soy joy" sauce that I made (soy sauce, garlic, oil, red pepper flakes), and simultaneously made the broccolini/red bell pepper goodness. At the same time, people. This is seriously rare for me. I usually need to focus all of my attention on one thing at a time and end up with something mouth blistering hot and something ice cold by the time it makes it to the table. The end result: EFFING GREAT!! Woot!! Major success. I may just never cook again. Ever. Quit while I'm on top, you know? Coconut rice, Salmon with mango salsa (alright FINE, I bought pre-made mango salso instead of making it myself. The recipe called for jalapeno's in the salsa and that freaks me out. I'm too white for that crap, so I just bought some), and broccolini red pepper saute. Throw a glass of wine on the side of that and we were good to go! So feast your eyes on that, ya'll. And yeah, the lighting in our house sucks and the pics are with my little phone, so perhaps not the best quality. I'm pretty much over it. Here's the link to the cookbook. I highly suggest it.

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