Friday, June 10, 2011

Bourbon Slushie

The gift that keeps giving! (Bee tee dubs-go read the rest of her blog. One of my ultimate favorites.)

I made this at Christmas, so this is a mere 6 months late. What are you gonna do, ya know?

I can't WAIT for the weather to warm up to drink this all the damn time this summer.

1 can frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
1 can frozen Lemonade Concentrate
7 cups strong brewed Black Tea (3-4 bags)
Fifth of
Bourbon Whiskey
2 liter of Sprite (Can also use 7Up, Ginger Ale, or Sierra Mist…gag)

1. Boil water and steep tea until strong (about 20 minutes)
2. In a freezer safe, sealable bowl, mix tea, all the juices (DO NOT ADD WATER), and bourbon whiskey.
3. Freeze overnight.
4. Before serving, mash it up a bit to get desired slush-like consistency.
5. Scoop desired amount of slush into glasses, and top off with Sprite.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season!

P.S. The bourbon can be completely substituted for RUM. The rum slushie is the bourbon slushie’s way sluttier cousin.

(allll of the bold is straight from her site).

Mixing the brown bourbon and the orange/yellow juices didn't exactly yield a beautiful drink. But who the EFF CARES.

It tastes like fairies. Dancing drunk fairies in poofy sparkly skirts. I basically didn't stop drinking it until it was gone. All night? Yes, please. Mimosa for brekky? Nah. Bourbon slushie, thx. Close enough.

It's delicious and The Barefoot Foodie herself...