Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Breakfast

You know what happens when you mix Jameson and gingers, jello shots, green beer, and Irish car bombs? Not wanting to blog is what happens.

I shall persevere, however, because in the midst of drinking myself into a bumbling green mess, I made a traditional Irish breakfast that would make my ancestors rejoice and my arteries shudder. The only things missing were sausage (decided to just go with bacon. So. Much. Food) and the beans in tomato sauce. I went with pinto beans. California style. We got our breads and white pudding at John Campbells in SF. LEGIT place.

I fried up the bacon first, then fried everything else up in the bacon grease. Perhaps not exactly diet friendly, but it's SO GOOD. Made me want to go back to Ireland. Immediately. Like, now.

White pudding
Fried tomato
Potato bread
Soda bread

RAGING success!!


susyash said...

for the record, i do not approve of you using the same post on two different blogs.


Summer said...

Also for the record: I dont care.