Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I want to grill stuff. Mostly meat. But I can't have a bbq on my apartment balcony, which is probably for the best.

So I bought a grill pan.

Most of the options were non-stick and it seemed like a non-stick grill pan wouldn't give food nice grill marks. Not that I actually really know, but whatever.

I got a cast iron pan because cast iron is bad ass. It's heavy as all hell and is supposed to last 483 years and I can knock the daylights out of a home intruder with it.

So I got and found out how much WORK cast iron involves. I saw that it was pre-seasoned. Pre-seasoned? With, like, all-spice? Oh wait, I have to rub it down with veggie oil before AND after every time I use it? Ugh. So I followed the exact instructions for "before use" and, when it was all dry, it was RUSTY. The hell?

I was pissed.

I was taking that shit back.

I told a woman I work with and she was all "oh yeah, that's normal. That's why you have to oil it down, so it doesn't do that anymore".



Fast forward a month to now, when I finally bought veggie oil and am ready to use the damn thing.

Another coworker gave me some killer looking zucchinis. Perfect.

I sliced one up and let it sit in some balsamic vinaigrette and tossed it on the hot grill.

I brushed on some extra vinaigrette because I'm pretty sure you're supposed to brush stuff on things you're grilling? Right?


End result: SUCCESS. Tasted grilled and was cooked perfectly. Can't wait to actually try meat on it!

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