Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Two summers ago our "drink of the summer" was watermelon margaritas. Last summer it was mojitos. This summer it's going to be sangria. My usual first stop for a recipe? Allrecipes.com. Sure enough there was one with a bazillion reviews and almost all of them raving. As yesterday was our first No Pool Pool Party (NP3) of the season to celebrate my buddies Nic and Rob's return to the mainland, it was the perfect party to test this out on. And it was a freakin success, y'all.

1/2c brandy
1/4c. lemon juice
1/3c frozen lemonade concentrate
1/3c orange juice
1 bottle of red wine (or white, probably. Right?)
1/2c triple sec
1 sliced lemon
1 sliced orange
1 sliced lime
1 sm chopped apple
sliced strawberries (basically threw in all the fruit I could think of. To me, the more fruit the merrier)
2c ginger ale

I made it the night before, everything except the ginger ale and strawberries (they were super ripe, so I was afraid they'd get mushy), and let it marinate overnight. And marinate it did. The apple chunks the next day tasted like straight liquor. Awesome. Oh, and we also quadrupled the recipe and basically served it out of a giant bucket. Heh...I'm pretty sure that this isn't going to need a whole lot of tweaking. We tried it out before putting the ginger ale in and it was super good and SUPER strong. The ginger ale just cut it down a bit and made it last longer, so I'll leave that one up to you... ;) Just know that the first option also comes with a "knock you on your ass faster than you think" warning...weeee!! Also-I know that there are totally legit, fast and easy recipes out there for sangria. This one takes a bit of time and bunch of ingredients, but it's pretty damn good...

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♥Sarah♥ said...

Sweeeeet we are having our first sangria and Tapas (sp) party this Saturday in honor of my best bud having knee surgery on Monday. I will have to have her check out the recipe